Nicholas Buesking

Associate, Landscape Architect

Nicholas is a landscape designer who brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective from his recent international work in Singapore. Living and working in a radically different social and natural environment has increased his sensitivity to designing for the local context, responding to the myriad of environmental, social, and cultural cues. He is interested in weaving natural and built landscapes together, and believes that the urban landscape works best when there is a synthesis of the two: he strives to create places that are resilient, exciting to experience, and support natural ecologies. He is currently working on several of the firm’s most complex projects including Eugene’s Downtown Riverfront Park.


Registered Landscape Architect:


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University


ASLA, 2009 - present

Selected Projects
Eugene Downtown Riverfront Park
Portland Art Museum, Rothko Pavilion
Oregon Coast Aquarium
River View Cemetery
Whitman College, College Creek Senior Housing