Senior Associate | Landscape Architect

Nate balances his design knowledge with substantial technical capabilities. He has been working on a series of high-budget, complex public projects including schools, urban open spaces, and mixed-use development. “Designing landscapes for the public is my passion,” says Nate. “I feel satisfaction in creating places that engage the greater community. It makes sense to me to design landscapes that are local to where I live,”

Nate is an enthusiastic and dedicated landscape architect and project manager and is emerging in the firm as a leader in design. His thoroughness and energy has brought fresh design thinking to a wide variety of projects, from public open spaces to private development work. “Walker Macy’s experience in the Northwest attracted me as a professional, and as a native of the region.”

Nathan has a BA of Landscape Architecture from Washington State University. When Nathan isn’t working on his craft, he enjoys tinkering with his house, traveling daily on the MAX, and spending time exploring the community.