UO 13th Avenue Concept Study

13th Avenue, a former city street, is one of the most frequented areas of the University of Oregon campus, but its character is out of step with how it is used today. Packed with people walking and on bikes, the Avenue is cluttered and busy, and fails to contribute to the use and identity of the campus. The conceptual design transforms the UO-owned portion of 13th Avenue into a vibrant shared street and an iconic linear open space. With the historic Johnson Hall and the Erb Memorial Union at its center, the new conceptual design emphasizes connections to storied campus landmarks, and creates a series of linked outdoor rooms that support social interaction. The project improves accessibility and pedestrian safety, and supports the long term resiliency of campus trees and storm water systems.

University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
Toole Design Group
Gehl Architects
KPFF Consulting Engineers