Redmond Wetlands Complex

City of Redmond has grown substantially since its conventional wastewater treatment plant was last expanded in 2000. Seeking to accommodate increased wastewater treatment needs in a sustainable manner, the mechanical system will be replaced by a new system of constructed water treatment wetlands that will provide treatment that is safe for people, wildlife, the land, and water. Walker Macy is part of a team currently designing the Redmond Wetlands Complex, with an emphasis on public open space and amenities as a community co-benefit to the facility engineering. Located just north of the city, the site has phenomenal views of the mountains and will be a great place for residents to walk the trails and enjoy the wildlife. The project provides a recreational trail system integrated with a water treatment system that requires lagoons, treatment wetlands, and disposal wetlands. The open space design includes a series of trails, trailheads, boardwalks, and overlooks, a large picnic and gathering area with demonstration gardens of low water use landscaping, and multiple spaces for people to sit, rest, and enjoy the views.

City of Redmond, OR
Redmond, OR
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