OSU Cascades Long Range Development Plan

OSU Cascades is a new campus being established in a scenic region that currently lacks a university with undergraduate and graduate programs. As the first four-year university in Central Oregon, OSU Cascades is poised to become a major driver for regional education, research, and economic development. Walker Macy worked on the initial development of the first ten acres of campus, providing a place-based site design approach that sets the stage for the campus master plan and that will distinguish the campus’ scenic high desert setting. The firm’s work included site planning for the Academic Center and the new multi-use student life facility being developed through a public-private partnership; and landscape architectural design for all circulation, plazas, entries, parking, and naturalistic and wild areas. Located in the sensitive High Desert landscape, the planning and design team was challenged to establish the campus as “living laboratory” for the institution’s environmental science programs. In collaboration with OSU’s horticulture program, the firm has helped to develop an innovative, sustainable site development approach that preserves native vegetation and topsoil for re-establishment in the landscape.

Working with Eric Ridenour, Walker Macy has subsequently worked on developing an LRDP for a larger 110-acre site, on an old pumice mine and landfill. Site design and planning included creating a campus identity in a challenging site condition. With 50’ of elevation change across the site, the plan also creates a network of accessible pedestrian-friendly paths. Public spaces range in size from large gathering places to more intimate spaces for outdoor classroom opportunities. The team employed an integrated site design approach, including stormwater management, native plantings, habitat, and educational display opportunities. This project has set a framework for future planning and development that seeks to integrate the buildings and landscape with a strongly place-based design language; promote multi-modal transportation; and sensitively integrate the campus with neighboring high-end residential neighborhoods.

Oregon State University, Cascades
Bend, OR
Page Southerland Page
2018 SCUP Excellence in Planning, New Campus Honor Award