Bend Core Area Plan

The Bend Core Area Project created a guiding vision and implementation plan for urban renewal in the center of Bend. With team lead Angelo Planning Group, Walker Macy envisioned an urban design framework that connects existing businesses and parks with a grid of connections through an area adjacent to Bend’s historic downtown that is growing thanks to new zoning and infrastructure funding. The urban design framework will guide the city’s efforts in upgrading key corridors and gateways across Highway 97, to encourage the Core Area’s transformation from a currently isolated and underdeveloped pocket of light industrial land to a cohesive, mixed-use district integrated with downtown, with a priority on pedestrian and bicycle safety. Moving forward, the City of Bend will update street standards according to the framework’s typology of corridors and prioritize East-West connectivity to and through the Core Area, with gateway improvements at several underpasses to enhance walkability and safety.

City of Bend, OR
Bend, OR
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