William Morales

Landscape Designer

William Morales can pinpoint the moment he wanted to become a Landscape Architect. After graduating from Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, with a Baccalaureate in Architecture, William took a trip to Spain. “It was the catalyst that created passion for landscape architecture. When I saw those parks, gardens, plazas and streetscapes everything playing in harmony, I knew I wanted to be a Landscape Architect.”

William returned to Polytechnic University to get his Masters in Landscape Architecture. He then moved onto a second Masters at Ball State University in Urban Design. “There is an interface between the urban landscape and the natural landscape that has been left unattended. How do they connect and / or relate? That is the question I ask every time I start to design.” William used this as a guide to his work in Puerto Rico and Indiana.

Originally from Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, William spends his days wandering Portland and picking up biographies on urban theorists at Powells.


William Morales