Walker Macy Certified as a WBE!


We are excited to announce that Walker Macy is now registered as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) in Oregon and in the City of Seattle. This is a major milestone in our firm’s leadership transition that we began almost ten years ago. We have become a diverse, international team; established pathways to leadership for women and minority team members; created a strong, shared culture among our Portland and Seattle offices; and have advanced our firm’s design culture and community.

Our leadership:

Chelsea McCann, Principal, has been majority owner for several years and is the managing principal of the firm. In addition to being captain of our ship, she has advanced our firm’s tradition of tackling some of the most complex and culturally significant sites in the west.

Lara Rose’s national experience as a leader in design and urban placemaking has helped to establish our office in Seattle. As Principal, Lara leads many of the firm’s park, waterfront, and cultural projects and provides design leadership for projects led from both of our offices.

Ken Pirie, who became a Principal in 2018, has championed our planning work for nearly 20 years. Ken has established a uniquely broad, physical planning-focused portfolio, with an approach that dovetails seamlessly with our landscape architecture practice. He provides leadership to campus planning, natural area and recreation planning, and urban design.

Mike Zilis remains strongly involved as a Principal and Owner. Mike’s presence in projects remains continuous from early phases of planning and conceptual design through multiple phases of advocacy and implementation. Mike’s knack for seeing how design interacts with the long-term aspects of large-scale, politically important projects, continues to advance the positive impact that our work has on communities.