Lin Peng

Landscape Architect

Lin completed her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at Tongji University, college of Architecture and Urban Planning in 2009. She went on to receive her Master of Landscape Architecture in 2012 from Harvard University.

Growing up in Guangzhou City, Lin was fascinated by her first hiking experience in western China. She was drawn in by the vastness of the landscape and loftiness of the mountain ranges and wanted to bring that experience into urban life.

Lin brings experience from her work in Shanghai, Singapore, Boston, and San Francisco. “I am excited and motivated by the fact that landscape architecture could really make an improvement in both natural and urban environments. I am also inspired by the social influence of the profession, which transforms a place as well as people’s daily life.” When not at work, Lin is exploring Portland’s fine arts scene and looking forward to snowboarding in the winter.


Lin Peng