To Walker Macy, sustainability means longevity and balance. We honor the art of design and the craft of construction. Our savviness with materials forms enduring places that evolve with the community and stand the test of time. We are proud to be stewards of spaces that convene and are committed to balancing human access with thriving natural environments. From rooftop gardens to wetlands, our projects weave together the functions of ecosystems, the aesthetics of design and the social experience.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Ecoroofs & Roof Gardens
  • Green Streets & Plazas
  • Site Features for Stormwater Treatment
  • Design of Water-Conserving Irrigation Systems
  • Landscape Restoration & Native Planting
  • Stream & Wetland Enhancement
  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
  • Incorporation of Alternative Modes of Transportation
  • Integration of Sustainable Components into an Overall Site Design
  • Interpretation of These Site Features

The firm has completed 42 LEED Certified projects, another 8 awaiting certification, and numerous others designed to LEED standard but not submitted.